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Brain Tumor Patients

If you are a brain tumor patient (ages 2 to 22, but age not in stone), you automatically are one of Theresa’s Pals™, one of Theresa’s closest friends. Without ever knowing her or meeting her, she already considers you are the reason this Foundation exists. As a Theresa Pal™, we want to send you a gift, a sentiment to tell you that we are with you, in your fight. Theresa’s enormous will, uncompromising optimism, and boundless spirit, are what powered her every day of her life. These traits were especially apparent during her (almost) 4 year battle with her brain tumor.

No brain tumor, chemo therapy, radiation, MRI, weekly blood drawing could ever rain on her parade, get her down, or dwindle her huge spirit, or stop that kid from being her laughing, crazy self. It is a touch of that spirit that we want to try to pass on to you. The Theresa Durso Foundation (501(C)(3)) has partnered with Best Buy, to automatically send you a Best Buy Gift Card, just for being a Theresa Pal ™. You automatically have a good pal, someone you never met, who wants to pass some fighting spirit on to you, just because you are who you are.

Please fill out the form below and hit the send button when you are finished, and we will do the rest. Also, please attach a photo, we will publish your photo as one of Theresa’s Pals™. We are with you in your fight, never give up, never give in. Be just like Theresa.

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