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Students and Teachers

The Theresa Durso Foundation (501(C)(3)) is most concerned about prevention, keeping the waves (radiation) of cell phones and computer screens, away from the brains of students, of all ages. Theresa’s brain tumor was discovered after she just turned 18 (Dec, 06), chances are, it was there years earlier.  12 – 15 years ago, most young students did not have cell phone, certainly not before high school age students.

Currently, virtually every student, of all ages, has cell phones. These young years are the most critical years, where the brain is still developing, and the waves (radiation) from cell phones and computer screens, need to be prevented from the brain. The Theresa Durso Foundation (501(C)(3)) has partnered with Aulterra, who makes the Neutralizer, which can be placed on the back of the cell phone (underneath the plastic cover), and on the front of the computer screen (at home). This circular device prevents these waves (radiation) from reaching the brain.

This is a very critical step in the protection of the brain since the research has not shown, exactly whose brain is affected. These waves (radiation) could actually be very dangerous to the brain. Please fill in the box below with your Homeroom information, and we will send each student with a cell phone (and their teacher) 2 Neutralizers, one for their phone, one for their computer screen. The Theresa Durso Foundation (501(C)(3)) would love the opportunity to protect healthy brains, rather than cure them.

Prior to this, The Theresa Durso Foundation (501(C)(3)) was mainly concerned with Gifts for children/young adults, sending Theresa’s spirit to help brain tumors patients. We wish to thank Eileen Derrigan and the Students and Teachers at Seneca Middle School in Holbrook, New York, for helping us see how very valuable this prevention aspect is to Students and Teachers everywhere.

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